Bulk Import of Identities

Bulk Import of Identities

If enabled in Account Settings, users or admins can bulk upload identities into My1Login. Once uploaded, the identities can be shared or transferred to other users in accordance to the account permissions. 

  1. Identities should be uploaded in batches of no more than 100.
  2. Please be sure to dispose of the excel spreadsheet properly on completion of upload.

Bulk Import of Credentials

  1. Ensure Bulk Import is enabled on your account. You should be able to see the Bulk import option on your My1Login vault. Your Admin can enable this in the Settings area of the admin portal. 
  2. Populate the Bulk Import template with the identities you wish to upload. You'll find the template attached to this page. 
  3. Copy and paste identities in the Bulk Import Box. Be sure to select all rows with identities and all columns with a title, even if there are no notes or tags. 
  4. Click Import.

Description of Fields

Field Description
Title The name you would like to appear under the app tile in the user vault. You can use this to differentiate between apps that may have more than one identity.
URL This should be the URL of the login page for the application. Include https://www. where required. 
Username Username/email address/user identity

Password The password associated with the username for that application

Notes Free text box - do not create new lines within cell.

Tags Used to organise applications in the user vault. Spaces between words create new tags. e.g. 'GlobalAccount' creates one tag, 'Global Account' creates two tags. Do not create new lines within cell.
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