Your Applications

Your Applications

Access your enterprise apps and work with them from your My1Login Vault. 

  • If you have forgotten your passphrase you can use the Forgotten you passphrase? link to generate a new one. 
  • If you are are using a business device, you may be set up to automatically authenticate into My1Login. Your vault may open when you open up a new browser or you can press the padlock in the top right corner of the browser window. 

Launching an Application

Some applications saved in your vault will use credentials (username and password) to sign-on.  For these apps, you can use the My1Login Browser Plugin to auto-fill your credentials when signing in. To launch an application, click the arrow that appears in the middle of the application tile as pictured below.

Depending on your organisation's configuration, you may see a link in the top right hand corner to install the My1Login Browser Plugin when you access the vault. For guidance on installing the plugin, visit here.

Change your username or password for an app

You can change your username and password for an app if your admin allows it. To change your password, hover over the application icon and click the gear in the lower-right corner to open the settings menu. Enter your current username and password to verify your identity. Then, enter a new password and click save.

If you aren’t able to update the username and password, contact your IT department.

Finding Applications

If you can't remember where a specific app is located, use the Search field to access the app directly. 

Adding Applications

If your organisation allows you to add your own apps, there are a few ways to add Applications into your vault:

  1. Click Add New button in the top left corner of your vault and fill in the details. Make sure to add the correct URL for the login page to ensure you get a seamless login experience.
  2. When logging in to an application for the first time, you may see a notification bar appear at the top of the browser page. Click Ok to store your credentials in your My1Login vault.

There are a minority of websites that require configuration by an administrator.

If you need any support then please contact your support team.

Delete Applications

To remove apps that you added, perform the following steps.

  1. Click the bin icon in the top-left cornet of the application tile.

  2. Confirm deletion on pop-up window.

Note that you can't may not be able to delete all applications. Please contact your IT department if there is an application you would like to be removed.

Organise Your Applications

Organise your applications using the tagging functionality. Select the settings cog on your application in the lower-right corner. Fill in the tags section.

Use the filter button in the top-left corner of the vault to select the tags you would like to view and this will filter the view of your applications.

Reveal the Application Password

You can view and copy passwords for apps assigned to you by your organization only if the administrator enabled the copy and reveal password feature.

  1. Click the settings cog on the application tile. In the app settings window, your username is visible but the password is hidden.

  2. To view your password, click the eye symbol. To copy your password to the clipboard, click the book symbol.

View Your Application Settings

You can view the following information when accessing your app's settings via the cog in the lower-right corner of the application tile:

  • App URL
  • App name
  • Username
  • Password
  • Application tags
  • Notes

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