How to configure My1Login ADC to work with an Authentication Proxy

How to configure My1Login ADC to work with an Authentication Proxy

An authentication Proxy blocks requests for content unless the user provides a valid permission set of credentials to the proxy. In an AD environment, this is done using Kerberos against the domain controllers.

The diagram below is an example of the authentication proxy in action:

  1. A request is made by the domain controller to the internet.
  2. The proxy makes an authentication request via Kerberos.
  3. The domain controller makes a Kerberos response and sends it to the proxy.
  4. The request is confirmed and authenticated and the original request to the internet is allowed through.

In My1Login’s case, the ADC will be making these requests from the domain controller and pass through the same process.

How to Setup a My1Login ADC to Authenticate Through a Proxy

My1Login’s ADC needs to know the location of the proxy and any credentials needed to access the proxy. These values need to go into “Service Control” tab on the ADC.

Note: The values cannot be added while the ADCs Service is running and will need to be stopped. While the service is stopped, AD Users will not be able to AD SSO into My1Login.

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