How to: Launch My1Login Vault on Browser Start-up

How to: Launch My1Login Vault on Browser Start-up

Automatically launching the My1Login Vault on start-up gives users a view of all the applications they have identities for. It also allows them easy access to SAML/OIDC based applications and desktop applications in one place.  

Automatic vault launch may be accomplished in 2 ways:

1. Via Settings within the My1Login Administration Portal without the use of GPO settings.

When this is configured the My1Login browser plugin first logs into My1Login and then opens the vault page. This results in the vault page opening with a short delay; the actual time taken varies from customer to customer.

2. By setting your sub-domain as one of the browsers start-up / home pages.

This method avoids the initial delay of waiting for the browser plugin to login before starting to open the vault.

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