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Bulk import logins

Last Updated: May 29, 2015 10:15AM IST
While using spreadsheets or Google Docs to store passwords is quite common, it is an extremely insecure practice - even if the document is password protected. We've provided the facility to import from a spreadsheet, but we would advise that you do not keep a spreadsheet with your passwords on your computer. If you do have one, or you create one for easy import, use a tool such as Eraser to properly delete it from your computer.

Importing from a spreadsheet:

1. The format should be (in order): Title, URL, Username, Password, Notes  (Title is the only mandatory field)
2. Ensure the Title, URL, Username etc are in separate cells.

spreadsheet set-up image

3. Copy the data (5 Columns x however many rows you have)
4. Click the Bulk Import drop-down menu item on the My Vault screen.
Bulk Import logins

5. Paste the data into the input box
Paste data

6. Click Import Logins
7. Wait while the Importer Encrypts and then Stores the logins. It will then give you an 'Import Complete' message.
The process only takes a few minutes and once done you'll immediately have an overview of the strength of the logins. Just press the Settings button to see your Password Strength chart.
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